The Best Face Oils for Hydrated and Glowing Skin

Contrary to common belief, oils are not just for dry or mature skin, the good news is that any skin type can use oils. Providing you have selected the perfect facial oil type it will rebalance the skin moisture levels without stripping the skin or blocking the pores. Face oils do not prevent ageing, however a good oil will keep the skin hydrated, nourished and lock in moisture, giving a plump and radiant look to your skin thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines. 

Whilst oils do not moisture the skin on their own, their role is to seal in the moisture therefore hydrate the skin. In addition, as well as acting as a sealant, oils can be a barrier to the outside world, i.e. pollution. However, face oils do not block the harmful rays of the sun; therefore always use an SPF.

Before selecting a face oil, it is important to understand the different oil types.

The common types of face oils

Argan – Often known as liquid gold, it restores elasticity and therefore hydrates, softening and plumping the skin. This oils excellent for dry and dehydrated skins.

Retinol – Is used in oils to increase the production of collagen and plumps the skins reducing fine lines and fading age spots or blemishes. A good base for dull  and tired skins.

Marula – This oil restores hydration and contains vitamins C and E and the antioxidants ensure that It protects against pollution. It is good for combination skins.

Rosehip – This oil has anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It hydrates the skin, repairs it by penetrating into deep skin layers and encourages collagen growth.  It’s great for acne prone or dry skins.

Lotus – This oil has a number of properties to hydrate the skin, improve its texture and fades blemishes as it contains vitamins B & C, iron and protein. It rebalances the skin and tightens pores. It is an expensive oil but worth it and works well with all skin types.

Jojoba – This oil contains anti-inflammatory properties to reduce eczema and rosacea and vitamins E & B will help to repair. It protects against sun damage and helps to balance oily skin. It’s good for oily skins.

How do I apply oils?

There are several ways to apply oils and it very much depends on your beauty regime and skin type.  Firstly oils are enriched in minerals and vitamins, so you only need two or three drops. Secondly, it is important to pat it into your skin so it pushes it into the pores rather than rubbing into your skin. Patting will help lock in the moisture and hydrate the skin.

Apply over serums and moisturizers

Apply the serum (if required) and then use your moisturizer, finally pat the oil over the skin.  The oil will lock in hydration and protect the skin. If applied at night, the oil should be the last thing you apply over your serum and/or moisturizer.

Combine with primer/moisturizer/serums

If you are using the oil during the day, you can mix the oil with a primer or with serums/moisturizers.

Applying the oil directly into the skin

If your skin feels dry and dehydrated, then apply the oil directly onto clean skin and allow 10 minutes for it to absorb before applying your makeup. This will give your makeup a dewy look and provide a hydrated base. Alternatively, you can mix one drop of oil into your foundation. Marcula and Argan oils works well with most foundations.

Best Oils for skin types

Dry skins

The Ordinary, Organic Cold Pressed Argan Oil £5.90

This oil absorbs very quickly into the skin, however for very dehydrated skins, a top up is required every 5 hours.

Trilogy, Nature Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil £19.50

This oil absorbs very quickly into the skin, This oil absorbs quickly and works well with foundation.

Combination skins

Drunk Elephant, Virgin Marula Oil £34

This oil is perfect for combination skins and leaves your skin feeling silky and soft. The product lasts for hours.

The Ordinary, Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed £9

This oil is a great as a low budget option. It does leave a film on the skin, however very hydrating for dry skins.

Dull  Skins

Kiehl’s, Midnight Recovery Oil £38

This oil is perfect for combination skins and leaves your skin feeling silky and soft. The product lasts for hours.

Oily Skins

Clarins, Lotus Face Oil £34

The skin is immediately brighter and the pores are tighter. The oil absorbs quickly and feels very light as most oils containing lotus do.

Bal’s Best All Rounders Oils for any skin type:

If there are two products I would highly recommend, they are:

Hayo’u Beauty Oil £38

Contains Almond, Lotus, Camellia and Sandalwood Oils. This oil absorbs into the skin and hydrating it. Your skin feels nourished, firmer and plumper in the morning. This is a great oil for dehydrated and mature skins.

Love Henri Beautiful Rose Facial Oil £65

Contains Rosehip Seed, Sunflower, Wheatgerm and Jojoba oils. This smells delicious and great for calming acne prone skins and rosacea. I would recommend this oil for young skins.

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