Success Stories

Here just some success stories we've had.

Indian Wedding

This lady was having a civil service marriage and wanted some advice on what she can wear at her after reception and also the next day when she had another party by family guests. She was not used to Indian clothes and wanted to retain her personality so wanted to avoid the traditional reds, orange and pinks. She wanted something very simple and without fuss and thought that the colour green did not suit her.

We worked with her to find an outfit that she would feel comfortable. We did her colour analysis to show her the colours that worked with her including green!

bride civil ceremony look

Busy Career Woman

Heleny is a busy career woman, she came to us when she was due to get married and wanted a complete style. Heleny’s job meant she did not have any time to even consider her wardrobe, and she did not feel happy with body shape and did not feel confident outside her ‘comfort’ clothes. She wanted some assistance with the Indian wardrobe as she had a number of Indian functions following her marriage.  We worked with Heleny to establish both western and Indians outfits which would complement her body shape, showing her how to layer her clothes, so she could show off her best assets. Simple changes to her hair and make up bring out her best features. The Indian clothes she was afraid to wear, now she’s wearing them with confidence!

Make Up for the over 40 years


Lorna has a hunt ball each year in the winter months. On a daily basis she does not wear much make up and her dress style is very classic. Her skin is dry and she wanted to have a classic look without worrying about looking ‘too make up’. Her concern was that foundation often looks caked on her skin and also that her eyes are deep set and do not suit make-up. We did her make up for the last two years hunt balls.

The first ball make up was to ensure her skin was glowing and we put the focus on her lips. We opened up her eyes and have a semi smoky eye look without it overpowering her eyes to avoid the aging look. This hunt ball was in November so the ball gown looked classic and also skimmed her beautiful figure.

The second hunt ball, we wanted to bring out her eyes without them looking overpowering. I love the colour of Lorna’s eyes. She wanted to wear blue eyeshadow however was worried about it looking aged on her.  We opted to bring out her eyes by putting Urban Decay Glide eye pencil in the Chaos shadow on her upper lid and opened up her eyes by highlighting and also adding corner lashes. Her dress was a navy blue which brought out the cornflower blue in her eyes.

This proves that over 40s can wear stronger make up and have a lighter version of the smoky eye or wear trendy eye liner at any age.

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